Bodaq is looking for partners from design, construction, renovation, and remodeling industries

Bodaq the distributor of architectural film with offices in the USA and Canada

Add value and revenue to your business as a reseller (installer) of architectural film or improve your product selection by getting in touch with us.

We have options for you:


The option is a good fit for those who are looking to add a new product installation specialty or a new product to their services by providing installation services of Architectural Film.

If you:

  • Are detail-oriented and proficient in repairs, carpentry, painting, wallpaper installation and/or general construction or have any other similar skills
  • Don`t want to miss a new trend in the renovation/construction market and be able to install a new product
  • Want to change your specialization because you are tired of what you did before or you just like trying new
  • Need an extra income in the future and ready to learn something new

Become an installer of the architectural film – be on trend.

High hourly rates with a new and prospective product


The basic and the most convenient way of cooperation between Bodaq and You/Your Company is an agent agreement.

If you:

  • Have connections in the construction and/or renovation business and think that your clients & partners will be interested in Architectural Vinyl Films
  • Want to add value to your Company for your customer(s)/partner(s)
  • Looking for additional income without any investments and with minimum effort
  • Ready to present our solution to your partner(s) (we can also provide support during a presentation) and connect Bodaq and Your customer(s)/partner(s)
  • Do not want to take any responsibilities as our Dealer/Distributor or arrange installation of the Interior Vinyl Film

Then, the AGENT`s program is the best solution for you.

12% of any Order from Your customer(s) is your extra revenue.


If your business is selling materials for the construction and renovation industry and you have a client base and steady demand on the products you sell, you can add Bodaq finishing materials from Hyundai L&C to the assortment and increase your revenue.

If you want to develop your business expanding the range of your products or services, get in touch with us.

If you:

  • Already resell design and construction materials
  • Have a extensive client’s base or good lead generation system
  • Looking for a new alternatives and valuable products to offer your clients and customers

Join us – start providing new materials and grow your business.


This is a great option for those who see significant opportunities with interior vinyl films from Bodaq.

If you are ready to dive into a new business adventure, become a Bodaq family member and help expand the vinyl film market. Educate and inform consumers about the possibilities of architectural films and create market demand.

If you:

  • Are an entrepreneur looking for a new business idea and are ready to invest your time and money
  • Want to have exclusive rights in your region and develop your local market
  • Want to have a reliable supplier and partner that is ready to support you and not only provide a great product, but also assist you in building your business

Then, let’s talk!

Our Support

Marketing support

  • Promotional materials. Watch Marketing Kit video
  • Support in digital promotion in your region.
  • Assistance in creation of a website or landing page.
  • Rights to use our website for the promotion.
Bodaq Marketing Materials Kit - Lookbook. Swatch. Brochure

Local events and exhibitions

  • If you take part in any local event, exhibition or show, we can help you with the organization.

Sales support

  • We teach how to sell and promote our product.
  • If necessary, our sales representative will come to your place and assist you with a start.
  • We provide lead generation and forward clients from your region directly to you.

Technical Support

  • Installation training.
  • Certification of your installers.
  • Support in your first big project installation. If you need that, our installers will come and help yours.
Installation training

Product support

  • We offer the newest models of the architectural film under great conditions.

It’s free!

Several programs for partnerships

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