Bodaq at Urban Encounters 2023: A Recap

Bodaq Interior Film presented at Urban Encounters 2023: A Recap

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At Bodaq, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of interior design and providing innovative solutions for creative minds. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Urban Encounters, an annual tradeshow organized by the Interior Designers of Alberta. This event brings together design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and innovative brands to celebrate and explore the ever-evolving world of interior design.

Exploring Urban Encounters 2023 in Calgary and Edmonton

Urban Encounters 2023 was a remarkable journey for Bodaq, as we ventured to both Calgary and Edmonton to participate in this prestigious event. It was an excellent platform for us to connect with the design community, share our passion for interior design, and showcase our revolutionary Bodaq Interior Film.

Bodaq Interior Film: Redefining Interior Design

Our booth, labeled Booth #7, became the hub of innovation and creativity during Urban Encounters 2023. We were thrilled to introduce our Bodaq Interior Film, a versatile solution that empowers designers to transform spaces with ease and unlimited creativity. Our film is not just a product; it’s an artistic medium that allows designers to bring their visions to life. From trendy aesthetics to sustainable design, the possibilities are endless with Bodaq Interior Film.

The Bodaq Experience

Throughout the event, we engaged in insightful conversations with fellow designers, architects, and industry professionals. We shared our knowledge, exchanged ideas, and learned from the creative minds that make the interior design world so vibrant.

Join Us at Future Events

We invite you to join us at future events because we believe that innovation and creativity flourish when people come together. The connections we make, the ideas we exchange, and the inspiration we draw from these events are invaluable. As we continue our journey to redefine interior design, we want you to be a part of it.

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