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Discover Bodaq Finishes and Incorporate the Home Decor Color Trends in 2024 Into Your Life

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The tones of green thought to bring harmony and balance to the surroundings, so, no wonder it is a popular choice for interior designers. Green color connection to the outdoors, especially in spring and summer, makes it a great color to pair with others. After all, every flower has a green stem, no matter what color.

The home décor color trend 2024 adapts perfectly to a monochromatic look. It can also provide an excellent pop of color for the interiors in calm tones.

So, it is no surprise that we still crave the color green in 2023 and will continue to do so in 2024. Here are some ways to bring this color trend into your home, whether a muted mossy door or an emerald hutch.

Go Green with a Feature Wall

When upgrading your interior, the safest option is to make one wall a focal point of the room. Then, if you like the result, you can infuse its influence by adding décor elements in the same tone. Learn more about ideas for covering walls.

Green Room

Or, if you are brave enough, you can create some light accents and go totally green on the walls and ceilings, like in the image below.

A side note, if you need wood texture in your design, check out our post Bringing Nature Home | Interior Design Trends 2024

Feature wall with Bodaq
S233 Forest Beauty. Bodaq Interior Film

Sometimes the ceiling is the best place to put color, but if you want the color to be part of a pattern or match the walls perfectly, the paint might not be the best option. It is where the architectural film comes in.

green home decor colors trends 2022
Green palette of Bodaq Interior Film

Go Green with Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many ways to add the color green to your home. And one of them is to change the look of your kitchen. Let’s take the image below as an example of this change. Mint green lower cabinets are a perfect match to the white upper cabinets. There is so much light and airflow in the interior that you will never want to leave your kitchen again.

Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets
S214 Mint Green. Bodaq Interior Film

However, there is one downfall to this upgrade – it is pretty expensive to change the entire kitchen. Another solution to the problem is to wrap your kitchen with architectural film. Among more than 450 patterns, perfect mint green and white are available in the Bodaq Solid Colors collection

home decor color trends 2022

Whatever you decide to incorporate in your space, we’ll be happy if you find your inspiration with Bodaq Interior Film.

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