Wall Covering Ideas 2022-2023

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Are walls important for interior design?

Walls are not just load-bearing structural support but also a canvas for creativity, which can give your home incredible comfort and style.

During the pandemic, we spend more time at home and no longer want to look at boring white walls.

A new trend that came to us from Asia is the use of architectural film. It has several advantages over the standard renovation methods. Firstly, the film imitates original materials such as wood, marble, cement, metal, fabric, leather, etc. Secondly, it is a durable, fire-rated, antibacterial, and antifungal finishing solution. Also, renovation with the film costs 50% less than traditional renovation approaches.

Interior Wall Coverings

Wood wall treatment ideas or wood imitation wall coverings

We have been spending more time indoors for the last two years, often lacking proximity to nature. Wood can bring warmth and comfort to your home. Unfortunately, the price of lumber has increased significantly, and the cost of such projects can be extremely high. Thankfully, the wood patterns of the Bodaq film cost $3.5 per square foot. If the price is not enough to convince you, wood patterns look and feel like natural wood.

Look at the pictures below to see how the W951 Oak pattern from the Wood Collection looks.

W951 walls and furniture refinishing
Wood Wall Covering Pattern: W951 Oak (Click to expand)
w951 oak wood architectural film
Close Up

Ideas for Covering a Wall with Leather

Leather always looks expensive and beautiful. Delicate brown shades give a charm to the room.

Leather goes very well with wooden elements, such as chairs, tables, bedside tables, floor, etc. In most cases, this material requires careful care. It is difficult to clean and easy to damage. Sometimes it’s a shame when deep scratches or other damage remain on the skin, which is very noticeable. The architectural film is devoid of these disadvantages. It is durable, sustainable, imitates genuine leather, and easy to clean.

In the pictures below, you can see the pattern from our catalog TNS04 Beige Leather.

TNS04 wall panels refinishing
TNS04 Beige Leather (Click to expand)
tns04 leather collection
Close Up

Wall treatment ideas with marble slabs or imitations on them

Marble is the material that has remained relevant for several millennia. The interior with marble walls looks very expensive. Due to its naturalness, marble is always in demand. Due to the high prices for marble, not everyone can afford to make an entire wall. The average price per square foot is $60, not including work and transportation. The architectural film allows you to get the same result but for $10 with installation per square foot. In addition, the installation requires much fewer hours.

PM007 wall refinishing
PM007 Pietra Marble (Click to expand)
PM007 pietra marble architectural film
Close Up

Walls with matte finishing

Not everyone likes textured walls, preferring pure monochrome options. A distinctive feature of the film is that the film is much more durable than paint. Interior wall finishes with a special film prevents the appearance of fungus at high humidity levels. Paint can peel off, scratch, or lose its attractiveness.

SMT11 Deep blue super matte film
SMT11 Deep Blue Super Matte (Click to expand)
SMT11 Deep Blue
Close Up

You can get more information about durability by watching our YouTube video.

With the Bodaq film, you can implement any of your design ideas. Find more patterns in our catalog.


To inquire about more information about Bodaq Interior Film or request your free samples, reach out through the contact form or at [email protected].

FAQ about wall covering ideas

The options you would opt for depending on the area you need to cover. You may use tapestries, wallpaper, interior film vinyl, art and photos, wood wall coverings, peel-and-stick tiles, mirrors, curtains, acoustic panels, or greenery.
The most obvious answer is architectural film. It is cost-effective, fast and easy to install, and produces almost no waste. You can also use some cheaper options, like covering the wall with washi tape. A large-scale mural will make a statement in the interior. You can also repurpose old posters or create a gallery wall.
The answer is paint. Overall, the painting job cost is lower than wallpaper, but wallpaper lasts much longer.
Here are a few options to cover the walls – interior film, wallpaper, mural or a large painting, faux brick, fabric, mirror, or a tapestry.

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