IDS Toronto 2024: Bodaq Showcase and Recap

Celebrating 25 Years of IDS Toronto: Bodaq Design Showcase

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This year, IDS celebrated 25 years of being a Canadian premier design showcase. Bodaq was thrilled to join the renowned event that took place on January 18-21, 2024, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, making its return to the North Building.

"A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us on this incredible design journey. A special appreciation goes to the Bodaq team for their support and encouragement in the process! Cheers to design innovation and exciting possibilities ahead!"
Yulia Lototska, Operations Manager
Yulia Lototska
Operations Manger, Bodaq

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Bodaq's IDS Booth Design

It is well known that preparations for the IDS start long before the show. This year, our booth design started with reflecting on the most popular sections at the previous events. Among those were the sample wall and the “Compare” section.

The Evolution of the Sample Wall and ‘Compare’ Section

The sample wall grows with every exhibition. We started just by giving away free samples and came to the understanding that we need to let our visitors grab whatever samples they like. That’s how the wall with samples was born at IDS Toronto 2024.

The “Compare” section is always the most fun corner of the Bodaq booth. We usually have three stripes of interior finishes for visitors to compare – paint vs wallpaper vs interior film aka Bodaq. Visitors are allowed to do what they want – scratch, cut, write on it. Just don’t set it on fire, Bodaq will handle it, but the rest of the show might be alarmed. This is the section that never disappoints leaving people in awe – it is pretty hard to damage Bodaq.

Innovative Additions: Exploring Wood Surfaces at IDS Toronto 2024

This year in Toronto, we had a new addition to the booth – “Can you tell the difference?” So, the main point of the wall was to tell the difference between two wood surfaces – one made of natural wood and a second one wrapped with the wood interior film. Would you be able to tell the difference?

January 18-19. Professional Trade Days

Bodaq booth #2028 was conveniently located right across the Arido & IDC stage. We had installation demos nonstop to showcase how easy it is to apply and stretch our film.

Every booth visitor could try wrapping various surfaces, stretching film, and experiencing textures of different patterns at their fingertips. They could swipe our catalog and dive into the world of endless possibilities. And, of course, grab some free samples!

Professional trade days were nothing short of amazing! The Bodaq team was excited to meet with all the interior design industry professionals. We hope to collaborate with all of you soon!

January 20-21. Public Days

On Saturday and Sunday, January 20-21, IDS opened its doors to the public. We were overwhelmed by the attention to our product and the number of visitors at the booth.

Professional Insights: Bodaq’s Presence on Trade Days

Every year, IDS Toronto provides a forum to discuss the latest issues in the industry, as well as look forward to how the innovations of today will tackle problems and create solutions for the future. There were several areas to pay attention to at the show:

The Future Neighborhood

The inspiration for the Future Neighborhood stemmed from the rich tapestry of Toronto’s diverse district neighborhoods. At IDS 2024, attendees embarked on a journey into the future of living, exploring six distinct design spaces that provided innovative solutions to pressing issues in Canadian homes, including the housing crisis, aging in place, work-life balance, and more. Departing The Future Neighborhood, guests not only found inspiration for their own homes but also gained insights on creating a better living environment for everyone.

Six design teams – including Interior Architects (IA)Noam Hazan Design StudioSafoura ZahediSDI Design with Q4 ArchitectsSVN, and Syllable Design – explored how interior design will continue to adapt to, and shape our lives. 

Studio North and Prototype

This zone showcased the creative talents of up-and-coming Canadian designers, presenting their works in a full and captivating exhibition.

The District

A meticulously curated marketplace provided designers with a unique platform to showcase and retail their latest collections and home designs. This vibrant neighborhood invited both discerning consumers and industry insiders to explore and shop the show, featuring an array of fresh design products for the home. We were thrilled to discover and indulge in the diverse offerings brought by talented designers, like Jilly Frances, Artifact, Silvia Taylor, in this dynamic marketplace.

Exploring the Latest Trends and Innovations

AR in Design: Immersive Experiences at IDS 2024

One aspect that particularly caught our attention was the vast array of immersive experiences. They were instrumental in enhancing our engagement with the products and technologies in the design field, making it easier for us to understand and appreciate them.

Calming Palettes: The Rise of Relaxing Color Choices

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with stimulation. As a result, there is a growing trend towards using soothing and peaceful color palettes. Pantone’s decision to choose Peach Fuzz as the color of the year seems to align perfectly with this shift.

Biophilic Design and Nature’s Influence

It’s not just a fleeting trend, but rather a way of life to incorporate plants and nature into our daily routines. The presence of plants and natural elements at the shows created a serene ambiance, reminding us of the significance and beauty of nature in our lives.

Boutique & Unique: Shifting Dynamics in Design

In earlier events, big retail companies were the main force. However, the 2024 IDS was primarily powered by smaller, exclusive vendors.

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