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Bodaq interior vinyl film collections have more than 450 patterns of different textures: wood, metal, texture, leather, solid, stone, marble. All of them leave a satisfying tactile sensation in the same way as if you touch the original material. Here is a breakdown of our primary pattern collections and how they can work design miracles, such as table in real leather, all-marble bathrooms and more.


Wood Collection

Wood Collection is the largest one. Currently, as wood is ubiquitous in interior and exterior design, most of our TOP-75 consists of wooden patterns. Patterns are available in any imaginable wood color and texture, from Black Pearl Wood to common Hardwood Panels

Walnut Wood
XP124 Walnut


Metal Collection

Metal Collection consists of 23 patterns ranging from Plain Gold to Fine Grid Silver. As patterns imitate real materials, they reflect light accordingly. Non-reflective patterns that can be defined as metallic or texture, such as Antique Silver, are also provided.

Gold Collection
RM007 Gold & RM009 Black Metal

Stone & Marble

Stone & Marble Collection

Stone & Marble Collection ranks second in popularity as marble design trends are gaining momentum. Both options make dreams of many possible – custom marble and stone furniture or feature walls are incredibly costly. The vinyl film provides various textures, predominantly of white, gray, black and brown shades. Additionally, the collection has High Gloss White, which imitates all properties of typical gloss.

Onyx Marble
PM003 Onyx


Solid Colors Collection

Alongside Wood patterns, Solid Colors are commonly used in large interior projects as they provide virtually any color solution. Typically, Solid patterns are applied to set an entire color theme or emphasize one object in limited space. Though possible interior design solutions are not bound to these two approaches. Our blog post on Pantone Colors of 2021 speculates how anyone can implement shades of yellow and gray from the Solid and Wood Collections in the environment hassle-free. You can see Super Matt patterns with deep colors in this collection as well.

Solid Colors Collection
SMT11 Blue Matt

Fabric & Leather

Fabric & Leather Collection

Probably, the most interesting and diverse collection as the nature of fabric and leather is intricate and unique for each pattern. For example, the tactile properties of Gray Real Fabric imitate woven ornament of the original. Deep Emboss Leather imitates reptile scales. One can implement exquisite design solutions where real leather could not be applied before, like walls.

Leather and Texture Collection
TNS07 Deep Emboss Leather

Heavy-Duty Film

Floor Collection

Heavy-Duty Collection is presented with wood, marble and concrete patterns. As some surfaces require additional level of damage resistance, heavy-duty films are approximately twice as thicker due to additional layers in the vinyl structure. The collection, like others, possesses water- and moisture-resistant qualities, so resurfacing spaces, such as washrooms, is completely safe. A keen eye is not able to distinguish resurfaced surface from real concrete, as friction between the surface and feet is identical.

Flooring collection
LF003 Herringbone

If you feel interested in more project pictures and design ideas for Bodaq interior vinyl film collections, visit our Gallery

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