Interior Film Installation Safety | National Safety Month

Essential Safety Measures: Architectural Film Installation.

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The Importance of Interior Film Installation Safety

Safety should always come first and should be present at the back of your mind in everything you do. Sometimes, installers wonder how the installation of the architectural film can be dangerous. Keep reading to know how.

Operating Sharp Tools Safely

There are plenty of tools necessary for film installation, few of them are sharp, for instance, knives, scrapers, and air-releasing tools. And you want all these sharp tools to be retracted, especially, when they are in your toolbox.

Utility cutters safety.

Exacto or utility knife is the tool installers use during every project.

So, firstly, pay attention to having a separate spot for storing your cutter and extra blade kit in the toolbox or bag. It prevents accidental cuts when you look for a tool. 

Safety: Utility knife

Secondly, all your cutters should be closed or in their protective case when not in use. It is also a measure to keep you from accidents. It leads to the safety measure – as soon as you finish working with your knife, bring it back in its case. Never leave it out on a table – you can easily cut yourself if you slip. Or if you turn, holding it in your hand, you can cut somebody else. Remember to retract the blade. Every time you do a cut, bring the blade back to its carriage position to ensure it is safe.

And thirdly, use a specifically dedicated spot in your extra blades kit to crack blades off. It is much safer than doing it with your bare hands.

Paint scraper safety.

A paint scraper tool is similar to knives because of the sharp blade used to scrape off the paint or wallpaper. It is the reason why you should always have it in a locked position when not in use.

Safety: Paint Scraper

Air-releasing tool safety.

Air-releasing tool is a sharp needle with a convenient handle that is used to do exactly what its name says – release air after the film is installed. It can penetrate your skin easily, so make sure it is blocked after you use it.

Safety: air-releasing tool

Using A Heat Gun Safely.

The heat gun is one more essential tool for architectural film installation. With the help of a heat gun, you can stretch the film to the necessary extent.

But, as soon as you turn your heat gun on, it gets hot quickly and releases heat immediately. It can burn the skin instantly and burn your arms. So, be careful while using it. 

The second thing to pay attention to is storing your heat gun while it is turned on. Place it on the flat surface sideways or the rest upwards (as in the picture). This will prevent it from touching and, eventually, damaging anything.

The other issue with heat guns or any other electric tools is electrical cords. They are a tripping hazard, especially, when there are people around. So, always put a heat gun where you know where it is, make sure a heat gun or its cord is not in a way, and you do not need to worry about burning yourself, someone else, a product, or a client’s property at the job site.  

Safety: Heat Gun
Heat Gun Safety

Utilizing Paper Backing Safely.

Bodaq Interior Film comes with the backing paper. The backing is covered with a special material, and it is a significant issue because it is slippery. When you pull vinyl apart, you want to get rid of the paper backing out of the way as quickly as possible. You would drop it somewhere and continue installing the film. Have you ever thought of someone accidentally stepping on it and slipping? And it is worse than a banana peel, especially, in combination with a wet floor.

Safety: interior film paper backing

Another thing that could happen when pulling the backing is as simple as a paper cut. And because you cut it with a sharp knife, you get a very sharp cut edge. And, usually, you cannot avoid it because of working fast. So make sure to have a medical kit with band-aids to fix a cut immediately.

Be careful and keep safe!

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