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Hyundai L&C’s official distributor in North America offers Bodaq architectural films for any design needs.

Have you ever wondered what to do with an outdated elevator?  Changing the entire thing isn’t always an option. Bodaq offers a solution to upgrade the elevator cabin look without going over budget.

What is Bodaq?

Bodaq Interior Film is a self-adhesive material. It is remarkably lightweight and great for finishes of the elevator surfaces.
What’s incredible is that it stretches, making installation fast and easy. And the kicker? It looks fantastic.

Benefits of Bodaq films for elevator refurbishing:

• Lightweight
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Fast installation
• Easy to repair
• Fire-rated

Let’s take a closer look at every film’s advantages:


Bodaq Interior Film makes elevator cab remodeling easy. You don’t need to change panels that line up the cab enclosure. Bodaq covers all issues that could come up during elevator cab upgrades. For instance, ceiling panels are secured with bolts, whether a frame, modular downlight, or island downlight style. With Bodaq, you can cover the existing ceiling panel without screwing or drilling. Additionally, Bodaq interior film installation is a fast and quiet process that does not require demolition or business closure. The film application is also performed without dust or dirt. There is also no waste except the backing paper.


The signs of wear and damage are the major contributors to a poor interior appearance. The architectural film provides
hundreds of options to renew the cabin. Film patterns imitate all sorts of materials – wood, stone, marble, concrete, paint,
cork, and much more. The choices are endless and limited only by imagination.


Bodaq interior films are also a great choice with the requirements for cabin weight. The film weight that would cover
an average cabin would be around 8-10 kg or 17-22 lb. It is really a lightweight material, right?


Because Bodaq is a vinyl wrap that is thin and durable, it also provides lasting protection from scratches and daily use.
Its perfect appearance can be maintained for more than ten years.


Bodaq Interior film is Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA Ontario) approved, ASME A17.1 / CSA B44 compliant. It also has ASTM E84 Class 1 or A smoke and fire rating.


The average elevator cab takes one to two days to refinish and has an approximate budget of $3,000. It includes the cost
of material, installation, and preparation. The material cost would vary depending on the pattern, $4-5 per square foot.
And it usually takes up to 200 square feet to wrap the elevator wall panels and doors. Of course, the price will change if the
elevator is oversized or if more surfaces should be covered.


So, are you looking for a way to bring your outdated elevator cabin interior back to life? Bodaq Interior Film is the best choice.

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