Bodaq on Cityline: All About Rental Glam

Elevating Rental Glam: Bodaq Finishes Shines on Thursday Cityline Episode

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Step into the world of Rental Glam as Cityline, the captivating TV show on CityTV, unveils its transformative magic during Makeover Week. In this episode, the dynamic duo of Tracy Moore and design expert Shai Deluca take center stage, showcasing the power of Bodaq Finishes in elevating rental spaces. Witness the kitchen cabinet transformation with S212 Green Earth and the stylish twist added to the backsplash using PM003 Onyx from the Stone & Marble Collection.

Unlocking Rental Glam: Bodaq Finishes Takes the Spotlight on Thursday Cityline Episode

Cityline, known for its exceptional makeovers, turns the spotlight on Rental Glam this week, and they’ve brought in Toronto’s interior design sensation, Shai Deluca, to guide the transformation. The secret weapons in this makeover? Bodaq Finishes, of course!

Meet Shai DeLuca: The Design Maestro

Shai DeLuca, an acclaimed interior designer and media personality in Toronto, joins forces with Cityline to redefine rental living. His expertise adds an extra layer of finesse to the transformation, proving that even temporary spaces can exude style and personality.

Bodaq Double Impact: S212 Green Earth & PM003 Onyx

S212 Green Earth for Cabinets

Watch as S212 Green Earth from the Solid Color Collection breathes life into kitchen cabinets, adding a burst of freshness. Tracy Moore and Shai Deluca demonstrate that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

PM003 Onyx for Backsplash

The makeover doesn’t stop there! The kitchen’s visual appeal is heightened as the backsplash gets a makeover with the exquisite PM003 Onyx from the Stone & Marble Collection. Explore the luxury of premium marble without the commitment.

Bodaq Installation

How to Get the Look: Explore S212 Green Earth and PM003 Onyx

Embark on your own makeover journey with Bodaq Finishes. Explore the vibrant S212 Green Earth here and indulge in the premium allure of PM003 Onyx here.

Elevate Your Rental Living with Bodaq Finishes

Cityline’s Thursday Cityline episode proves that rental living can be glamorous and personalized. With Shai Deluca’s touch and Bodaq Finishes’ versatility, your space can be a reflection of your style, no matter the duration of your stay. Tune in, get inspired, and embrace the Rental Glam revolution!  Check out the episode here and embark on a journey of transforming your space with Bodaq Finishes – because elegance doesn’t need to own a permanent address. 

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