Concrete Wall Interior Design: What Finishes to Choose in 2023?

Let Bodaq Help You With Concrete Wall Panels Interior on a Budget

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When you think of concrete, you might imagine something solid and sturdy – highway overpasses, building walls, or even the Panama Canal. But in 2023, concrete became a gorgeous addition to a stylish home.

Concrete Interior Design in Your Home

As a decorative finish concrete is suitable in different interior applications – from floor and wall finishes to tiles and countertops. Designers and decorators love its raw appeal – its bumps and imperfections bring uniqueness to every piece. It is simple, modern, textured, and grounded – a perfect solution with a tactile quality.

So what can you imagine in your concrete wall covering ideas? Let’s take a closer look.

Bodaq NS401 wall

Walls, Wall Tiles and Wall Panels

Concrete wall interior looks great in an industrial design creating this raw and unfinished feel to the room. However, if you are not ready to leave your walls as is, and do not consider natural interior design, there are always some other options. For example, wall tiles.

Those in the picture below are gorgeous pieces made from lightweight cement in exotic cut-out patterns using 3D printing technology that creates deep cuts for a highly textured effect.

Image source: eirHome

Even though they are concrete, they are actually lighter than porcelain tiles.

But what if you need something lighter than concrete but with the same look? It is possible!

Pay attention to the photo below. The wall and wall panels were covered with an architectural film. It looks like concrete and feels like concrete but weighs almost nothing.

Wall panels covered with Bodaq Interior Film
Bodaq concrete film pattern

All Sorts of Tables

In the case of tables, there are a few options for a concrete look – it can be as a tabletop, table legs, or even an entire table. It gives a sense of groundedness to any piece of furniture – whether it is a console, coffee, or a side table. Just take a look at AllModern’s collection of modern, concrete side and coffee tables.

Concrete coffee table
Concrete side table

Imagine how much these pieces weigh!


Concrete interior finishes for flooring quickly gain its way into our living rooms, becoming all the rage for 2023.

Most commonly, concrete is used as a flooring solution for basements. So, it is usually finished with some nice touches to add to the home’s aesthetic. There are three traditional ways to touch up a concrete floor – it can be polished, stained, or painted.

There is one more way to have trendy concrete flooring at your home. It is an installation of the architectural film on top of the floor finish you already have. For that purpose, Bodaq offers the entire Heavy-Duty Collection

polished concrete flooring
Photo by Simon Marsault 🇫🇷 on Unsplash
Bodaq interior film heavy-duty patterns
Bodaq Interior Film Haevy-Duty Collection Patterns

Among the variety of patterns in this collection are a few traditional concrete patterns – LF004 and LF005. As well as some stained concrete – WF301WF302, and WF303.

If the look of concrete interior wall panels intrigues you, you should definitely consider implementing it in your design. And whether you change a piece of the furniture, renovate your kitchen, or update the floors – try using interior film. It never hurts to use an innovative material to reach a trendy look. Ask us how!

FAQ about concrete wall interior design

The cost depends on what type of concrete finish you choose. On average, building a concrete wall costs $7,500 to $14,000. Poured concrete walls are from $90 to $280 per linear foot. Precast concrete will be around $150 to $320 per linear foot. If you decide to wrap an existing wall in concrete interior film vinyl, the cost will vary from $5.5 to $8.5 per square foot.
Yes, you definitely can panel concrete walls. It is an easy way to spruce up dull-looking concrete. And it is even easier and faster to wrap the panels with architectural film.
There are many variations of concrete finishes, including stamped concrete finish, pigmented concrete finish, salt finish, concrete stain, colored concrete finish, swirl concrete finish, broom concrete finish, polished concrete finish, exposed aggregate finish, and floating or troweling concrete finish. However, the most affordable way to make your walls look concrete, is to use interior vinyl. For instance, a 96 square feet wall will cost $790, including preparation, installation and material.
Yes, concrete walls are cheaper than brick or wood ones because they take a lot less labor to build.
The longevity of the concrete panels depends on the installation methods and construction style. Different concrete mixes have varying durability levels depending on their exposure to the environment and other materials. For example, concrete used for the walls is expected to last about thirty to hundred years.

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