Elevator Refinishing Using BODAQ Interior Film

Elevator Refinishing in One Day Using Bodaq Interior Film

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When it comes to elevator refinishing, traditional methods can be time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient. But what if we told you there’s a revolutionary approach that can save you time and money? With BODAQ, you can achieve stunning results quickly and easily, all in just one day.

The Challenge of Elevator Refinishing

Elevator refinishing is a crucial aspect of maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of these essential vertical transportation systems. However, traditional methods of elevator refinishing have long been plagued by several significant challenges. The good news is that there’s a solution to these challenges: BODAQ Interior Film.

Traditional Approach

Bodaq Interior Film Approach


Traditional elevator refinishing methods typically require extended downtime. Elevators are frequently taken out of service for an extended period, disrupting the daily operations of the building. This downtime can be especially problematic in high-traffic buildings, leading to inconvenience for residents, visitors, and tenants.

Minimal Downtime

With BODAQ Interior Film, downtime is significantly reduced. Elevators can often be refinished in just one day, minimizing disruption to building operations and occupants.

High Costs

Traditional refinishing methods often involve extensive labor, materials, and equipment costs. The need for skilled technicians and the time-consuming nature of the process can result in a substantial financial burden for building owners and managers.


BODAQ offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, saving building owners 30-60% on renovation costs. This affordability makes elevator refinishing accessible to a wider range of facilities.


Elevator refinishing using conventional methods can be inconvenient for building occupants. It often requires coordination with regulatory bodies, securing permissions, and even the complete dismantling of elevator cabins. This can lead to noise, dust, and disruption throughout the building, affecting the comfort and satisfaction of those using the facility.

No Inconvenience

BODAQ films do not require the extensive permissions, dismantling, or access to technical equipment that traditional methods often demand. The installation takes place directly in the cabin, avoiding the need to disrupt building infrastructure.

Limited Design Options

Traditional refinishing methods may offer limited design options, such as plain paint or metal finishes. This limitation can make it challenging to achieve a unique and modern look that matches the building’s interior design or branding.

Wide Design Options

BODAQ provides a wide range of design options with over 400 textures to choose from, enabling elevator owners to achieve a customized, modern look that aligns with their vision.

Introducing BODAQ Interior Films

BODAQ Interior Vinyl Film is a versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing material that can be applied to various surfaces in elevators, transforming their look and feel. Whether it’s walls, panels, the ceiling, doors, the floor, or the frame, BODAQ can rejuvenate every aspect of your elevator interior.

The One-Day Elevator Refinishing Solution

Watch our video to see how BODAQ Interior Films makes elevator refinishing a breeze. We’ll walk you through the process and showcase the remarkable before-and-after results.

Benefits of Using BODAQ Interior Films

  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

BODAQ Interior Films save you 30-60% on renovation costs and can be completed in just a few days, reducing downtime significantly.

  • Durability

The multi-layer film structure ensures the elevator maintains its original color and texture for 5+ years, even in high-traffic areas.

  • Customization

Choose from 400+ textures to create any design you desire, giving your elevator a brand-new, long-lasting appeal.

  • Virtually Weightless

BODAQ Interior Films are lightweight and comply with elevator weight regulations across Canada and the U.S. – TSSA, ASME A17.1/CSS B44 approved.

  • Affordable

Our remodeling approach is 2 to 5 times less expensive than traditional methods.

  • Extreme Durability

BODAQ Interior Films resist mechanical damages, delamination, crackling, and moisture, ensuring your elevator looks pristine for years.

  • Fire Retardancy And Safety

BODAQ Interior Film is Grade A material in Standard Fire Retardancy Classification, certified to be free of hazardous materials and compliant with elevator safety regulations.

  • Low Maintenance

Maintain the perfect appearance with typical cleaning methods; no special treatment is required.

Easy Installation In A Few Days

Unlike traditional methods that may require permission, dismantling, and producing dust, BODAQ Interior Films can be installed directly in the cabin, taking just one day to renovate one cabin. No regulatory permissions are needed, making it the best elevator solution in most cases.

Revitalize the Elevator without the Cabin Replacing

What can be refinished in the elevator?

BODAQ Interior Films can rejuvenate various elevator components, including:

  • Cabin Walls & Panels
  • Ceiling
  • Floor
  • Doors
  • Elevator Frame
  • Control Panel

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and stunning way to update the look of your elevator, consider BODAQ Interior Film. Email us at [email protected] or fill in the contact form to learn more and transform your elevator with this revolutionary approach to cabin renovation.

Elevator refinishing has never been this easy and affordable. Elevate your elevator with BODAQ Interior Film today!

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