Tools Necessary To Install Bodaq Interior Film

Architectural Film Installation Essentials.

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Let’s take a closer look at the main tools necessary to install an surfacing film on different surfaces.

These are some tools we recommend using regularly. Among those are the following:


The most important tool that you need is a squeegee. There are various types of squeegees for different purposes.

  • A stiff plastic squeegee with velcro is a good choice for installing any smooth materials that are thick; the Velcro side, in this case, is medium and not aggressive.
  • A medium plastic squeegee is the most used one. It is suitable for almost any surface and curve; the felt applicator is perfect for smooth and glossy surfaces.
  • A soft squeegee is for complex curves. Its rather aggressive velcro applicator helps when you work with textured materials, for example, a fabric-like interior film.

There are even more squeegees, but these three are the ones you will need the most.

Squeegee for the interior film installation on small areas
Squeegee for the interior film installation on big areas

Cutting Tools.

Cutting tools are essential to making any job complete.

  • Utility knives and blades of different shapes.
  • The snipper allows cutting pieces of vinyl quickly and easily without damaging the surface below.
  • A backing paper cutter helps installers safely remove sections of backing paper without cutting into the film.
  • A regular pair of scissors.
exacto knife to cut interior film

Cleaning and Prepping Tools.

You need a clean surface to have a neat installation. For this purpose, we recommend using the following items:

  • Lint-free paper towels.
  • Non-scented ungreased dish soap to mix with water.
  • Soapy water mixture.
  • Isopropyl alcohol 50%, mixed with water.
  • Alcohol-water mixture.
  • Bodaq primer, which helps promote adhesion on any rough surfaces.
  • Paintbrush.

Heat Gun.

A heat gun is an important part of the architectural film installation to stretch the material around edges, corners, and curves.

Heat gun

Measuring Tools.

We recommend having different measuring tapes, rulers, and leveling lasers. Do not underestimate the importance of measuring tools. The necessary type of tool will make a difference in the installation. So, be prepared and have the tools ready.

Measuring tools

Preparation Tools.

  • A plastic razor blade allows you to clean up a surface without damaging it.
  • Razor scraper for the same purpose but be more careful – it can easily damage the surface.
  • Sanding block.
  • Palm sander.
  • Paintbrush for whisking dust after sanding.

Miscellaneous Items.

As you gain more knowledge and experience in interior film installation, you will see that your toolbox is growing exponentially. These are some miscellaneous items we find helpful during installations. Maybe you will add yours with time.

  • Extra knives and blades.
  • Micro squeegees of different softness.
  • Pens.
  • Small multi-tool.
  • Painter’s tape.
  • A glove to install film at a high heat without burning your fingers.
  • Medical kit. Remember, safety is usually underestimated but is extremely important. 
  • A piece of carpet that allows cutting vinyl on it without damaging the floor below. You might work in a house or apartment with a wood floor or an expensive handmade rug, and you have to trim the material. Cut the film on your carpet, and the floor or rug will be fine.

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Are you interested in installation training? Or maybe you would like to become a certified Bodaq installer? Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to tell you more about our product, services, and training.

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