Finishing Material for the Walls and Wall Panels Decoration

BODAQ Usage in New Construction

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BODAQ – Highly durable architectural finishing solution with a natural appeal

Bodaq Interior Film with more than 450 patterns offers the broadest range of designs and textures of finishing options on the North American market. The choices are endless and limited only by imagination.

The architectural film serves different needs – it is an excellent refinishing solution to cover existing surfaces and a finishing material in new construction. One of our representative’s projects shows how the interior film application can elevate an unfinished space and support the luxurious look of the mansion.

During this project, some of the walls were designed to be covered with panels. And Bodaq gives a unique possibility to make the panels in the texture or design you can only imagine. They can be classic marble or fabric or more exotic leather. Bodaq creates a fresh appearance, focusing on expressing the texture and three-dimensional feeling of stone. This texture has become the most attention-grabbing pattern because of its modern and sophisticated characteristics. The wood texture will be a fit for the paneling if you are more into traditional design choices. The deep-embossed patterns emphasize the luxurious feeling of wood.

So, for a fraction of the price, you receive:

The Project: Using an Innovative Finishing Material

The idea behind the interior design was to create a modern-looking Southern California-living-inspired space. To achieve this goal, the designers used cold and bright tones, for instance, white and grey marble accents. As you can see in the photographs below, these luxurious materials combine perfectly in one space, giving the vibe of modern living. Can you guess where the Bodaq Interior Film in this picture is? 

Wall panels decorated with Bodaq vinyl film
Photo credit:  Royal Pacific Lions Gate Realty Ltd. 

To help you solve the riddle, we can give you a hint – look closer at the finishing material on the grey wall panels on the opposite walls of the room.

In the living area, the wall behind the sectional sofa is covered with the PM006 Pietra Grey Marble Interior Film. And the opposite wall in the dining area is also amplified by panels decorated with a combination of two film patterns – the same PM006 on the bottom and SMT05 Grey Super Matt Interior Film on the top.

Pietra Grey Marble

We need to devote a separate chapter to the Pietra marble. It is one of the most famous, luxurious, and beautiful stones because of its rich dark color. The interior film pattern, similar to the original material, has graphic white veining perfectly contrasted by a grey backdrop. Additionally, the silken velour feeling of the original material is preserved in the film pattern. This film is ideal for creating diverse environments full of personality and elegance. 

PM006 Pietra Grey marble Interior Film-min
PM006 Pietra Film

Wood Film

Two of the seven bedrooms of the mansion have been decorated with wall paneling, as well. But to bring a warmer look to the sleeping areas, designers chose to wrap the panels with wood patterns of Bodaq. Both SPW44 and W873 film patterns represent different tones of the oak. In addition to wood, a black super matt SMT07 pattern is used to highlight the area of electric fireplaces. Due to the fire-retardant characteristics of the film, it can be applied in areas that are in close contact with hot surfaces.

To wrap up the project description, please take a look at the video with the stunning results of the Bodaq, Nelcos, and Royal Pacific Lions Gate Realty Ltd. collaboration.

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