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About Hyundai L&C Corporation.

Hyundai L&C is a high-tech materials company that protects the values of humanity and the environment. It is leading the global market as a company specializing in construction materials. For over half a century, Hyundai L&C has been making its name as one of Korea’s prominent construction materials manufacturers.

Until 2018 the company was widely known under Hanwha L&C as The Space Creator. Established in 2014, it acquired Hanwha Chemical Corporation (1999) and the Korea Hwasung plant, founded in 1965. In 2018 Hyundai Department Store Group finished the process of acquisition of Hanwha L&C. After completion of the main tasks, they changed the corporate brand name to Hyundai L&C Corporation. A new shareholder decided to modify the corporate name as minimal as possible by keeping “L&C,” which stands for “Living and Culture.”

Hyundai Department Store

“Hanwha L&C’s reputation and competitiveness in the construction materials industry were well-suited for our growth vision,” a Hyundai official said. “We also thought it would be able to create synergy with our furniture affiliate, Hyundai Livart.”

Hyundai L&C aims to retain and maximize its value to customers through innovation and business development.

L.E.A.D. is its main slogan, which states the following:

  • Luxury lifestyle.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Ability to be improved.
  • Design and creativity.
Hyundai L&C Manufacture
Hyundai L&C Manufacturing Facilities in South Korea
Values of Humanity and the Environment.

Hyundai L&C strives to improve the quality of life in all aspects of human society and participates actively in preserving the environment, making our lives healthier and wealthier.

A High-Tech Materials Company.

With expertise gathered after many years of experience and achieved through continuous challenges, Hyundai L&C provides differentiated high-quality materials that exude creativity and passion.

The World of Bodaq®.

Bodaq® is an eco-friendly certified interior film brand manufactured by Hyundai L&C in South Korea. It is constantly improving and developing its designs and function to satisfy the needs of many.

With its eco-friendly, high durable, and diverse pattern designs, Bodaq® Interior Film creates unique and luxurious spaces. Different spaces can benefit from the application of interior film, starting from residential units, like kitchens and bathrooms, and in commercial ones, like cafes, restaurants, stores, hotels, and more. Also, since it is a product with an adhesive layer on the back, its installation is quick and easy.

Healthy and Environmental Bodaq

Advanced Interior Design Solutions.

Main Products:
  • Functional adhesive architectural film.
  • Highly weatherproof exterior film.
  • Home appliances decorative film.
Core Technologies:
  • Mixing and processing technology for highly weatherproof decorative sheets.
  • Micro coating technology.
  • Technology for distinguished designs.
  • Deep embossing, flow coating, high gloss, ultraviolet micro imprinting, metal locking, etc.
  • Designing and processing technology for the film for home appliances.

The renovation with a vinyl film saves time and money because it eliminates spending on labor. Furthermore, no smell, noise, dirt, or dust are present during installation. The film also has a long life expectancy.

Worldwide Success.

Asia #1.

After ten years in Asia, the Bodaq architectural film is number one for surface finishing. As a result, major hotels, restaurants, offices, and stores choose to decorate with the product. Residential markets have caught on and use architectural film solutions too.

Becoming #1 in Europe.

After successful growth in Asia, the move to the European markets was obvious. And after eight years in Europe, architectural film became a new norm extending the life of homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Now it has recently been introduced to the market of North America.

Media Exposure.

Bodaq films keep appearing in various television shows, magazines, and online press, gaining extended popularity in the design market.

Bodaq Interior Film on Thai TV Show, Thailand.

Official North America Distributor.

In 2019 Hyundai L&C Corporation began expansion to the North American market with its official Bodaq Interior Film representative – Nelcos Distribution Inc.

Nelcos aims to change the North American interior design and renovation market, making Bodaq Architectural Film from Hyundai L&C a well-known solution. The goal is achievable by showing the film benefits over the traditional route of fixing or buying anew.

Nelcos stores some of the product lines locally in a Vancouver-based warehouse. At the same time, there is a possibility to deliver any pattern from the catalog directly from the Korean warehouse.

Trust of clients and constant commitment to partnerships are Nelcos’ most important assets.

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