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The interior design market has been in decline for the past five years. It is saturated and highly competitive. Plenty of designers are available in every city, retail giants keep furniture prices low to stop new market entrants, and general contractors are used to three types of offers: repaint, replace, and repair. A new market niche is getting more and more attention; no wonder it will rank first in popularity soon. The trend is refinishing with the architectural film.

The architectural film is an interior vinyl film used to reface solid surfaces. It beats other design alternatives: the film is more durable than painting, less expensive than replacing furniture, and has more application possibilities. These advantages make end consumers choose the interior film over traditional design solutions. Customers always want a design to be unique and affordable. Therefore, interior designers are starting to advertise this product as it fulfills both demands and is much easier to obtain and apply.


The trend is an excellent opportunity for one’s business to stand out, whether a start-up or a company with a regular customer base. The architectural film does not compete with other renovation methods – it creates a new one. A typical competition over a fraction of a paint supplies cost so one can have a slightly cheaper offering is irrelevant in this case. The interior film merely diversifies the business by providing end-consumers with more options. 

Bodaq Interior Film, proudly distributed on the North American market by Nelcos Distribution Inc., is an example of the market segment potential. Interior design firms like the material so much that they renovate their offices with the film from Bodaq and then promote it to their clients.

It is an emerging market sector, so the entry barriers are low. If you feel diversity as a competitive advantage could serve your business well, this year is an excellent opportunity to hop on this train. It does not matter if you are a designer, general contractor, house stager, or any other related to the interior design industry. The practice shows – the news about the new product spreads quickly. 

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