Best Finishing Solution for Elevator Interior Upgrade

Have You Heard About Bodaq Finishes for Elevator Wall Panels?

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Have you ever thought of how many elevators look outdated, scratched, and damaged just because there is always another thing to fix in a building? So, your customers see scratched walls while making their way to your office, and your tenants see tears and rips while going to their apartments. Meantime they are wondering why they pay you so much.

But you can change this because it has never been easier to carry out an elevator renovation project without breaking the bank. You can make elevator cab renovations with Bodaq interior wrap film. The application is quick and easy without working hours interruption, and no extra weight for the cab. Think about it – just one day/night per 1 cab and 1.5K for the material plus the same for its installation. Does it look like a great solution to you?

Parts of an Elevator Interior to Wrap

Take a look at what is possible to wrap with architectural film and decide what you need. So, here are some parts of the interior that can be covered with architectural film:

Elevator Wall Panels

The main focus of the entire elevator enclosure is the walls. Usually, they are made of panels that take so much damage from the elevator users. It is especially important to pay attention to the durability of the panel material to prevent the most classic elevator interior damage, such as chipping and peeling from the edges.

It will cost a fortune to change the wall panels. But you can save and cover existing panels with architectural film. You can even elevate the look of your elevator interior by choosing a marble pattern. It is that easy.

Elevator Ceiling Panels

Elevators with dark, dirty ceilings with a lack of lighting can give users anxiety attacks. So, make sure to make it light and bright.

Similarly, to the wall panels – wrap elevator ceiling panels with the film. There are many light options in the online catalog. Or you can always choose traditional white – it can never be wrong.


There might be a narrow strip usually made of stainless steel whose function is to withstand the damage close to the floor. 

If you are worried that this area needs more, there is a heavy-duty film for the areas that require more protection.


A handrail has two main functions – to support riders and to protect walls from items that crash into them, like luggage, carts, equipment, backpacks, etc.

Who would have thought that even handrails can be wrapped with film! But it is possible. Take a look by yourself.

Elevator Flooring Materials

And last but not least – floor. 

To wrap up with the elevator cab upgrade, install the film on the floor, on top of the existing flooring material. The film is durable enough to withstand everyday usage, so don’t worry.

Best Finishing Solution for Elevator Interior Materials Upgrade

As you can see, the architectural film could be a lifesaver in the case of the elevator interior upgrade. It is a lightweight, beautiful, and cost-effective solution that can make all your design wishes come true.

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FAQ about solution for elevator interior upgrade

The elevator panels are usually installed with a z-clip or a welded strip in two or three horizontal places per panel. But because all elevator-related work is governed by stiff codes, like ASME A17.1, it is a good idea to hire professionals for this kind of job.
When talking about panels in an elevator, it could be two options – either a cab wall panel or an elevator control panel. These are two completely different things, and again, should be left to professional maintenance.

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