Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces [RVs, Yachts And More]

Bodaq Interior Film as a Lightweight Space-Saving Finishing Solution

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Small Space Renovation Solution

In recent years, the tiny home concept has been gaining popularity. There are many reasons for that – a trend shift towards mobility, the housing crisis, and even the pandemic. But the undeniable fact is that people are now thinking about renovating small spaces.

When starting a remodeling journey, pay attention to two main concerns – price and space limitation. And when it comes to “moving homes” like yachts, RVs, and other transport means, you are likely to face weight concerns, too. Bodaq surfacing film proposes a solution since vinyl beats all other renovation methods, including repainting and reinstalling, and here is how it happens.

Lightweight Renovation Solution.

We wrote a blog post about why meeting weight requirements is critical in enclosed spaces such as elevators. In short, safety regulations tell us to do so. Likewise, when it comes to RVs and boats, adding more to your space might not always be a good idea.

Virtually every guide for RV renovation suggests replacing the furniture. In a place where every inch is supposed to serve for storage, lightweight refinishing material like Bodaq fulfills its purpose – remodel the appeal without any interior intrusion.

Above are some small transport remodeling projects with interior film. They do not require furniture replacement – the surface turns into oak wood, glossy white, solid red, or any other texture. 

Above are some small transport remodeling projects with interior film. They do not require furniture replacement – the surface turns into oak wood, glossy white, solid red, or any other texture. 

Space-Saving Finishing Solution.

Measuring every inch so your furniture fits it or even ordering a custom design might get tedious. For example, cabinets must fit particular sizes in all three dimensions. If every piece of the space is fully functional, and only the aesthetic appeal is a problem, vinyl brings its benefits to the table. Where every inch is precious, a refinishing option always comes in handy, as in the picture of a grey oak travel trailer interior.

VR interiors
Typical RV Interiors. All cabinets and even doors are of specific sizes and shapes. Source:

The narrow door, microwave cabinet, and other pieces in the small space make the renovation complicated. You would need to order custom-made furniture and change the entire interior. Or go with an alternative by turning the existing pieces into another type of wood, stone, or glossy surface. This method favors those who want to preserve as much original space as possible.

Below is a peek into a yacht renovation project completed with the interior film. The interiors combined light wood and white gloss. So, at first, there was an issue with finding the options to revamp the fridge if a new one is unlikely to fit. The owner, thankfully, knew about Bodaq and decided to refinish his boat interiors with the wood pattern of the architectural film.

Below is a peek into a yacht renovation project with the use of interior film. Interiors combine light wood and white gloss so what are the options to revamp this fridge if a new one is unlikely to fit? Refinish it with vinyl wood, like the rest of the yacht.

Yacht Refinishing
Before Refinishing
Yacht Refinishing
After Refinishing

Budget-Friendly Without Compromised Quality.

Tiny kitchen on a budget.

The comparison of the kitchen renovation cost by method shows how expensive it might be. And the pricing changes drastically for an average-sized kitchen.

The price increases even more for small ones like the ones in RV trailers because of most of the specific equipment requirements. Refinishing with Bodaq Interior Film changes the surface texture, as well as an overall visual appeal. The architectural film patterns flawlessly replicate the brushed metal or deep wood grains.

Luxury boat on a budget.

Bringing a boat to another level of luxury can be hassle-free and budget-savvy. Here is an example from The Circle Magazine.

Yacht Renovation
Photo courtesy: The Circle Vancouver, Issue 4

Generous use of elegant wood, and traditional touches, like polished stainless-steel accents, give a classic nautical touch to the otherwise sleek aesthetics of the main saloon, which includes an aft galley and forward helm station with companion settee.

This recommendation is achievable with mere vinyl from Wood and Metal Collections.

Small Space Renovation With Bodaq Interior Film

Designers choose Bodaq interior film for small and spacious projects, both residential and commercial. Read how they benefit from high-quality vinyl textures and browse the Bodaq catalog to learn more.

Do you have further questions or queries? Feel free to reach out through the contact form or email at [email protected]. We are always happy to assist.

FAQ about kitchen renovation ideas for small spaces

  • Use one color in the wall finish, whether you paint them or cover them with interior film.
  • Get rid of unnecessary stuff – there is nothing worse than a feeling of cramped space.
  • Furnish wisely – use small or less furniture.
  • Utilize corners, hidden, and vertical spaces. 
  • Use natural light as much as possible.
  • Use natural elements as living room decor – you can always propagate from a plant piece from a neighbor. 
  • Rearrange living room furniture, get rid of some pieces, or move them to other rooms. 
  • Use paint or interior film vinyl for a budget-friendly living room refresh. 
  • Knock down some walls to add more space and achieve an open concept plan.
  • Refinish your flooring or replace it entirely if it is beaten up too much.
  • Update light fixtures. It can help modernize your home and decrease some bills.
  • Upgrade decor by removing anything too old to use, worn out, or outdated.
  • Replace windows that will not only add up value to your house but also decrease energy costs.
  • Refresh wall, baseboards, and ceiling trim. A fresh coat of paint or a layer of decorative vinyl film can create wonders.

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