Kitchen Countertop Renovation Without Replacing

How to Redo Kitchen Countertops? TOP-5 Renovation Ideas

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Best Ways to Redo Countertops Without Replacing.

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration to upgrade your kitchen look on a budget? Consider updating the countertops.

We understand it is not an easy decision to choose a material for the kitchen countertop. You have to consider cost, maintenance, functions, and aesthetic impact. A well-chosen countertop makes your kitchen more practical and beautiful. But some materials can take a significant part of the kitchen remodeling budget.

So, if your budget is tight but you still want to bring a new feeling to your space, there are other options. In this post, we gathered TOP-5 renovation ideas on how to redo countertops without replacing them with small financial and time investments.

#1. Renovation with Interior Film.

It is a fairly new option on the North American market to redo kitchen countertops with interior film. But it has been a popular choice in Asia and Europe for years. So, let’s dive deeper into this option.

How to redo kitchen countertops with decorative vinyl?

Decorative vinyl is a perfect choice to redo the kitchen countertop without replacing it. It is fast and easy and produces no noise, dust, or odors. If you are looking for a quick and budget-friendly way to renovate countertops, you found it.

In the case of refinishing with the film, you cover old surfaces with new material. The only requirement is for the surface to be smooth and clean. Also, no water damage or warps should be present. The following are the steps of the film application:

  • Create a smooth surface with putty and light sanding.
  • Prime the surface where you need better adhesion, like corners and edges. Primer application requirements vary depending on the surface. For detailed instructions, contact Bodaq technical department.
  • Measure and cut the material.
  • Peel and stick the film to the surface.
  • Adhere the film using a squeegee from top to bottom in a fan-shaped sweeping motion.

And the countertop is ready. Its refinishing takes merely a few hours. Moreover, the vinyl film replicates its original texture (whether it is wood, metal, or anything else); that is why refinished countertops will be as pleasant as natural ones. On top of that, we guarantee that countertops will preserve their looks for 10+ years.

#2. DIY Concrete Countertop.

This Old House offered a great countertops reno idea – pour concrete on it. Concrete is very customizable – you can change color, stain, texture, and even shape.

It is also relatively easy to DIY. You will need a mold for the future countertop and a frame to support it. Make a sturdy support because concrete is heavy, after all. Then mix, pour, wait till it is dry, then sand, finish, and install. Or skip the installation part if you poured off concrete right on top of the existing counter (as shown in the video below).

#3. Paint Marble.

If your budget does not include new counters, we found one more option – a makeover with paint. But not just regular plain paint color. There is a new fun way to paint your countertops to look like marble.

As an example of the painted marble countertop makeover, we will show you a project by Diane from In My Own Style. She managed to create the faux Carrara marble counter with acrylic paints. For step-by-step instructions, please check the blog post.

Photos credit: In My Own Style.

In a nutshell, the process looks like this: 

  • Surface preparation, including sanding, priming, and covering the surface with white paint.
  • Only then start creating veins using craft paints. Diane advises using a small piece of wood to practice veining before doing that on the counter.
  • Whitewash the surface before sealing to soften the veins.
  • Then seal your faux marble.

And you will need a variety of supplies, like primer, eggshell or satin finish white paint, three colors of gray craft paint, foam roller and a roller tray, feather, sea sponge, soft paintbrush, paper towels, a toothbrush, small mixing bowls, sandpaper, paste wax or a water based polyurethane for the topcoat, etc.

You can also purchase a paint kit to update the look of your countertops. You might have seen one of those used by YouTube or TikTok bloggers.

If painting faux marble seems too daunting, you could always opt for a marble interior film like this.

#4. Faux Terrazzo Countertops.

Terrazzo countertops are durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and chips, making them a great option for high-traffic areas. Additionally, it is resistant to bacteria and easy to clean. It makes it a practical choice for kitchens, where hygiene is a top priority.

Christine & Jan from Little House on The Corner created a tabletop (which might as well have been a countertop) that imitates terrazzo with the help of resin and different colors of modeling clay. The result is impressive: dealing with rubber is not an easy job. This DIY project turned out great.

You might want to spruce your space up with terrazzo on your own and props to every DIY-er for that. Still, it is much easier to just wrap it.

Photo credit: Family Handyman

#5. Tile installation.

One more inexpensive option for the countertop renovation is to install some tile. Tile countertops bring a specific vibe to the room, so if you are aiming for a farm-style and rustic kitchen, this option is for you. However, it is a pretty complicated do-it-yourself project. To make it a little easier, use a tile membrane on top of the existing surface before laying down your tiles. 

Step-by-step instructions are available on the Family Handyman detailed how-to post on a tile countertop, which includes everything from plywood counters to laying down mortar and trimming the tiles.


These are the top-5 countertop renovation ideas. We tried to analyze information about each way and bring it to you. However, it is up to you to choose the best way to redo countertops at your place. We hope you found inspiration in these stunning surfaces — timeless, trendy, or DIY-able!


  • How do you redo a countertop without replacing it?

    There are many options available on the modern market - wrap it with the interior film, DIY concrete one, paint it to look like marble, tile it, imitate terrazzo surface, etc.

  • What is the cheapest way to redo kitchen countertops?

    There are a few cheap ways to redo kitchen countertops. For example, you can paint them, cover them with contact paper, or sand them and stain them with a wood finish. These options are suitable for wood, linoleum, or laminate countertops.

  • How much does it cost to upgrade countertops?

    The cost depends on the type of upgrade you will opt for. On average, homeowners spend between $12,800 and $21,200, with $16,600 or $150 per square foot with traditional materials; and between $390 and $1700, with $9-12 per square foot with architectural vinyl films.

  • Is it worth replacing the kitchen countertops?

    The answer depends on your budget. If you are willing to spend a lot, definitely yes. If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution, you should go for countertop refinishing. The benefits of upgrading kitchen countertops include kitchen appearance and functionality improvement, which lead to the home price increase. 

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