Bodaq New Catalog ’23: What’s New?

Find New Ways for the Interior.

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Time for remodeling your home? We have exciting new collections and patterns in our catalog to reduce all your remodeling stress! The color combined with amazing textures are perfect for all sorts of decors. Get a free quote and samples today with an easy step! Just fill in our online form, and we will get back to you shortly.

Smart Home Improvement with Bodaq Films.

Interior design for your home becomes more fun now with our new collections this year. The newly launched catalog added more selection to it with exciting designs and colors.

The cleaning has never been easier with our newly featured Anti-Finger Print Collection. Unique special surface processing gives the finish anti-finger and anti-scratch-free solution. The collection introduced eight different colors and finishes. It is very convenient for the kitchen and cabinets as it is the most touched in a home. Easy to clean with no tension.

Our Premium Choice.

Another design line that was added to the collection is Premium Painted Concrete. This fine design resembles a stone-like surface with excellent finishing. The prices are less expensive than the actual stone. You do not have to worry about cutting or shaping them as you would with stones. So, it is easy to install without any noise or dust.

This collection has ten new designs, including moonstone, stone blast, stale, and stucco. It is usable on all surfaces, adding industrial vibes to the interior.

Let’s Get Corky!

The urge to decorate your house with natural materials has always been a trend. Bodaq knows how to keep up with it. The new release has real cork films that give a natural look to your interiors. Corks are beautiful and practical with lots of designs to choose from. The process of creating this finish uses materials from tree bark, which gives the natural look and sensibility of comfort. It is suitable for your bathrooms, kitchens, living room, office, etc. The cork finishes can be installed on most surfaces, and you can get creative with them.

Special New Collection: Creation with Light.

Bodaq is proud to present a special addition to its collection inspired by lights. UMI (UV Micro Print) and UMI Holograms are two lines of products that bring extra shine to your interior design and create a mysterious environment. These real metal-like films cost way less than actual metal finishes, and the installation is effortless.

Customize Your Dream with the Touch of Bodaq.

Easy, reliable, and lasting product is what Bodaq has to offer. Quality is the main face of the brand. The eco-friendly product saves time, and money, and is totally hassle-free. The installation videos are available on YouTube and it’s free to watch. Join us today and get a free installation manual from Bodaq.

For Inquiries.

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