Matte Interior Design Trends 2021 | Bordo, Green & Blue

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Many people’s attitude to life has changed in 2020, so has their emphasis on interior design. We already talked about how duality and a search for optimism and firmness is going to be reflected in our interiors (read our Pantone analysis). There are also tons of articles on how sunny hues and minimalism will affect design solutions. Instead, we’d like to focus on a narrower topic: what matte colors are going to stay trendy, why people are choosing them, and maybe why you should consider them. Here’s the breakdown of matte interior design trends for 2021.

Deep Green Matte: putting black matte aside

green matte kitchen

Many designers actually claim this mysterious deep shade of green to be a color of 2021. It is similar to the black matte but is not so garish in the entire environment set. Instead of catching all the attention, it accentuates non-green areas. The color is a combination of yellow and blue, so it works perfectly both in cold and warm palettes. As Insider correctly stated, it’s a good pairing to Carrara or Arabescato marble countertops as it highlights gray veins in the stone. Another good thing about deep green is that it works perfectly with metals, from chrome to brass. And the kitchen is the exact space where you would find such accessories.

Bodaq SMT10 Green Super Matte

Bordo Matte: invoking emotions

maroon matte room
maroon matte room
Credit: Kavitha Verma

While matte green can cover an entire space without any problem, a room full of maroon is too much. Shades of red are very intensive and so the emotions that they cause. That is why maroon-like colors, such as Super Matte Bordo, is an excellent choice for a romantic person or for any art space as its primary aim is to invoke emotions. Let’s be real, the pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon. People finally realized the importance of interior colors around them that relate to their moods. That is why applying different shades of maroon will still be on top of demand in 2021.

Bodaq Bordo Matte
Bodaq SMT09 Bordo Super Matte

Deep Blue Matte: bringing peace

Bodaq Blue Matte
Bodaq Blue Matte

One may refrain from darker cues thinking that it will make a room gloomy and small. Actually, it all depends on how well your work with your interior shapes. Deep Blue Matte is no exception. A monochrome palette allows us to concentrate on the architectural details. Emboss on the sofa, lighting on the round table and white flowers in the center – deep blue is calming and accentuating. Interior designers are still too attached to blue living rooms and bedrooms. And it’s quite understandable: this is the best color to bring a relaxing, close-to-trance atmosphere. If you feel a monochrome is too much, you can always soften it up with white accents, like bardo, or add lighter blue accessories, like pillows on the picture above.

Bodaq Deep Blue Matte
Bodaq SMT11 Blue Super Matte

More Matte Interior Design Ideas

In case you want more matte interior design ideas, explore our blog post on pattern collections (look into Solid Colors) or visit our pattern catalog.

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