Popular Myths About Vinyl Film

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Myth #1: It’s cheap and has a bad quality

This myth is not unfounded. In the early 2000s, the vinyl film was a simple, cheap and low-quality solution, but in 2022, the film is used even for premium surface solutions. Businesses tend to use film, as it is a quick and effective way of renovation, which saves a huge amount of money for the same result. 

Bodaq Film has 6 collections such as wood, metal, stone & marble, solid, fabric & leather, and heavy-duty. The film completely imitates original material. It might be textured, glossy, matte. A variety of patterns can satisfy almost every design wish.

In the pictures below, you can see how the vinyl film looks.

Z853S panels refinishing
Z853S Oak Wood
wardrobe refinishing with vinyl film
RF001 Real Fabric

Myth #2: It can’t be installed close to hot and humid areas.

This may be quite logical. We all know that humidity spoils the material and it comes unstuck from surfaces. Bodaq Film uses a new technology that allows it to be used in places such as a shower stall, kitchen cabinets and countertops. In addition, the film has an antimicrobial and antifungal effect, which cannot be said about the majority of standard renovation materials.

Also, Bodaq Interior Film meets a high Class A (Class I) fire and smoke ratings – the lowest fire spread rate and minimal smoke production. This means that Bodaq can be installed in high-risk areas – airports, elevators, healthcare facilities, hospitality amenities, transport, fireplaces, etc.

Fireplace refinishing with vinyl film
NS814 Marble
Shower stall refinishing with vinyl film
NS814 Marble

Myth #3: If the film is thin, so it is not durable.

The thinness of the film is its advantage. Because of its weightless, it is widely used for elevators. The film is scratch, and stain resistant. You can check the technical reports here. Bodaq Film can be applied to front desks, floors, countertops, etc. It remains an appealing condition for 10+ years, and Bodaq provides a 5-year warranty.

See the damage-testing video by clicking on the link.

PM005 elevator hall refinishing
PM005 Terrazzo
rolls of architectural film
Rolls of Bodaq Film

Many people worry about these shortcomings, but as it turned out, these are just myths.

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