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Continuing Education with IDCEC

Webinar announcement

First event as an IDCEC provider

On June 21st, we were happy to provide continuing education opportunity to those interior designers who attended our free webinar Basics of Interior Film. We hope you decided to join us and learn more about finishing solutions and how architectural finishes change the future of interior design industry.

Thanks everyone who could attend the webinar, we highly appreciate every attendee. We were overwhelmed by the amount of questions and requests from you. Thanks and see you at the future events!

Sign up for upcoming events

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar, we are pleased to announce that new events are coming and you can always preregister for the upcoming webinars or seminars. Just email or call us with the participation request, and we’ll get back to you as soon as a new registration is open.

Dathan during online webinar Basics of interior film
Thanks Dathan for being such a wonderful host

Request your Lunch & Learn

Also, you can request a seminar or Lunch & Learn for you company, and we will organize it for you. Continuing education credits will be provided to the attendees.

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