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Installation Certification Procedure.

To become a certified BODAQ Installer and be eligible for us to refer projects to you and present you on our website – Certified Installers, as a trusted installer, we require that you complete our certification program.

Even if you have extensive experience in the architectural film industry, we still ask that you get certified.

And here are the reasons for this:

  • Firstly, Bodaq films have specific features that make the installation process different from some of the other products on the market. It does not mean that the product is more complicated to install; it shows that installers need to be more familiar with some of the particulars of Bodaq films.
  • Secondly, some installers have experience in specific settings, like walls or cabinet installation. So, when we certify an installer, we ensure they are capable of performing simple to complex tasks in different scenarios.

How To Become a Certified Bodaq Installer?

1. Start with filling out the questionnaire to request your certification exam.

2. Make sure you have enough skills to perform the tasks outlined in the Certification Tasks we will send you. If you are unsure you can pass the tests, let us know, and we will discuss a training program with you.

3. Check if you have all the necessary tools and surfaces for the installation according to the requirements from Certification Tasks.

To complete the test, we will need you to have at least 25 linear feet of Bodaq film, a squeegee, a heat gun, a knife, a Bodaq primer, and some other tools. Before proceeding with the test, we ask you to read our Installation Manual and also go through some of the videos online. Your supervisor will send you all needed links.

4. Schedule a time and day with us when you will be ready to take a test. Discuss all the details with the manager, then pay the fee.

Before installing BODAQ films, please request our complete Installer Manual in PDF format by filling out the field below to review the information about the product installation to maintain high quality.

Installer Manual

The installation process requirements.

We will need you to take pictures before and after of each of the installation surfaces that you’re applying the film. Make sure that you have clear shots, both in video and photography. We ask that you take pictures and short videos of your installation process. We want to check if you are prepping the surface properly because surface preparation is the essential component of a quality product. Now, we’re going to show you five different tasks that you will need to perform that we are asking you to perform during the certification process.

Certification tasks.

Task 1 – To wrap a shaker-style cabinet door.
Task 2 – To wrap an MDF panel.
Task 3 – Install the film on drywall using a double cut.
Task 4 – To wrap inside and outside corners.
Task 5 – To wrap a round table.

Watch the videos in the carousel below to know the result we expect from you. Here is a link to the full video – watch on YouTube – if you prefer to watch without pauses.

Your Materials Submission.

After you have completed your tasks, contact a supervisor assigned to you before the test. You also have to send wrapped items by mail. Then we verify the tasks were performed correctly.

Upon successful completion of the Bodaq Certification program, we ask that you add this information to your website to notify your customers that you are a certified Bodaq installer. Additionally, we will add your company to the Bodaq website to show that you are a certified and trusted installation partner.

Do You Want To Become a Certified Bodaq Installer?

Please complete our certification questionnaire, and we will get back to you to organize your certification.

Once again, thank you for your interest and desire to become a certified install partner with Bodaq. We look forward to your completion of this certification so we can begin doing business together with you in your market.

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