Bodaq at IDS Vancouver ’22. A Celebration of West Coast Design

Open The Future With An Innovative Finishing Solution.

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IDS Vancouver 2022
IDS Vancouver’s Trade Day on Sept. 23 will include eight seminars, some of which are continuing education accredited, led by some of the industry’s highest design minds. © DENNISTHFOODIE.COM Courtesy ID

As was announced earlier, Bodaq Interior Film was showcased at the show. Thanks to everyone who could visit our booth at stellar Interior Design Show IDS Vancouver days on September 22 – 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Here is a brief overview of the IDS days.

AZURE TRADE DAY – Friday – September 23rd, 2022.

Traditionally, the first day of the show is dedicated to the professionals of the interior design industry – interior designers and decorators.

Bodaq Film Installation Demo.

During all show days, our certified Bodaq installers performed installation demonstrations for the booth visitors. Everyone who wanted to try installing the interior film had an opportunity to do so.

PUBLIC DAY – Saturday – September 24th, 2022.

On Saturday, we were overwhelmed by the amount of attention and questions from the show visitors. We were proud to represent an innovative product from Hyundai L&C to the Vancouver audience. This year, we presented the new Bodaq Interior Film Catalog 2022-2023, as well as new patterns and collections.

HOUSE & HOME SUNDAY – September 25th, 2022.

On Sunday, we had a chance to do a live demo on the GRAY Stage at the GRAY LAB.

GRAY Stage offered entertaining, educational, and uplifting inspiration with heading design authorities. This year, GRAY brought back a popular video series, In the Design Lounge. In the series, the Brandon Gaston chats with designers about the paradigm shift and the significant design influence on our future. Each entertaining and loaded with uplifting insight and inspiration, stage events highlight the interchange of design, latest furnishings, products and processes, collaborations, and more.

Bodaq live demo at the Gray Labs
Bodaq at Gray Lab
Bodaq live demo at the Gray Labs

GRAY LAB Live Demo.

At the beginning of the demo, Bodaq Finishes CEO and Founder Viktor Grudnytskyi addressed the audience with a short introductory speech. Here are a few highlights:

“We are here today to show you something you probably did not hear about before. It is new material on the North American market.
It is a finishing material that you should use – architectural film – a self-adhesive finishing solution for interior surfaces.”

“If you ever thought of changing the interior of an elevator – making it marble without going against strict weight restrictions – this is the product you need. If you ever thought of changing the look of the kitchen cabinets as fast as a few days, without demolishing, noise, dirt, and odors, this is the product for you.”

“It is a solution for the 21st century!”

Watch our live stream recording to see the full demonstration.

Look at the pictures below to see how the last IDS day went.

Video about Bodaq at IDS Vancouver 2022.

Also, here is a short video overview of the exhibition days.

Let’s Keep in Touch!

If you did not have an opportunity to visit our booth at the Interior Design Show in Vancouver, drop us a line through the contact form on our website or email [email protected]. We are always happy to answer your questions about our product and business partnerships

See you at the next show!

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