Expanding Expertise and Services with BODAQ®

Great Opportunity for Contractors - Innovative Finishing Material.

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Nowadays, the business landscape is highly competitive – small businesses and startups grow rapidly. Now more than ever, contractors strive to outpace their competition.

Being an expert in your field is still important but not enough. To remain on top, it’s essential to learn and continually build your expertise within the domains and industries of your target clients.

Expanding Expertise to Strive.

Are you a contractor constantly looking for opportunities to expand the business? Do you seek to offer your clients more options? Are you tired of being limited by painting only? Then, we have a suggestion for you – expand your expertise and services with architectural film.

Expanding Expertise and Services with BODAQ®

What is Bodaq Interior Film?

The architectural film is a decorative vinyl film for a surface refinishing. It beats other design alternatives – the film is more durable than painting, less expensive than replacing furniture, and has more application possibilities.

Bodaq Interior Film, proudly distributed on the North American market by Nelcos Distribution Inc., is an example of the market segment potential. Interior design firms like the material so much that they renovate their offices with the film from Bodaq and then promote it to their clients.

Expanding Expertise and Services with BODAQ®

Bodaq Interior Film Benefits.

  1. Available in diverse patterns, colors, and textures. Offer more than 450 patterns that imitate natural materials and can fit in any interior.
  2. Air-channeled adhesive provides excellent sticking.
  3. High durability makes its perfect appearance last more than ten years.
  4. It is suitable for installation on any surface, including floors and ceilings.
  5. It is also a class A fire-rated finishing solution.
  6. The film is resistant to moisture, pollutants, bacteria, and fungus.

Bodaq Film – a New Trend in Interior Design & Decoration.

The trend is an excellent opportunity for one’s business to stand out, whether a start-up or a company with a regular customer base. The architectural film does not compete with other renovation methods – it creates a new one. The interior film merely diversifies the business by providing end-consumers with more options.

It is an emerging market sector, so the entry barriers are low. If you feel diversity as a competitive advantage could serve your business well, this year is an excellent opportunity to hop on this train.

You should always be working to deepen your skill set, and in going deep you will find valid development tracks that take you outside of your area of focus, thereby adding breadth.

What BODAQ® Offer?

For those who would like to add value and revenue to their business and expand their area of competence, BODAQ has several partnership programs. Please fill out the contact form on the website, email [email protected], or call +1-778-840-8465 for Canada or +1-720-263-3773 for the USA.

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